About the show

In 2017 I was challenged to try shooting a photo every day for a year. In 2018 I successfully completed my "365" project. I'd planned on writing a series of blog posts about the experience for my website, ahaworth.com, but other projects (including a career change), got in the way and those musings remained in draft status.

After launching two corporate podcasts, producing a pro wrestling podcast, and volunteering as an editor on one of the oldest podcasts about wristwatches, I decided it was time to make a show about photography, a topic I've been passionate about since I was a second-grader shooting Polaroid portraits of action figures.

Photo 365 isn't intended to be a technical exploration of photography. I'm more interested in why we take photos, and the creative process that yields meaningful results. Also, it's not my intention to tell you what to shoot, but rather explore methodologies to help you unlock the pathways to your personal vision.

-Andrew Haworth


Photo 365 is written, produced and edited by Andrew Haworth.

Intro music by Korolkov; the closing theme is "Road Trip Montage" by FILM

Podcast cover art by pgeshan.