List of episodes in order

Episode 10 Image

10. Crafting a Narrative with Photogaphy

Humans have been sharing stories since time immemorial, by word of mouth, paintings, books, and eventually the camera. Every image tells a story, but are you telling stories with your images?

Episode 8

08. The Limited Viewpoint

Kitchen tables, windows, televisions and vases. On the surface, these may not sound like worthy artistic subjects, but many photographers achieved success making images of these objects in the confines of their own home.

Episode 7

07. Limit choices to maximize creativity

Do you have a bad case of GAS? If so, you probably have a lot of choices to make regarding the cameras and lenses you’re using. And, you're probably making the creative process harder on yourself.

Episode 5 Image

05. Seize the opportunity

An opportunity to shoot a great photo is like lightning. It rarely strikes in the same place again. If something catches your eye, it’s incumbent on you to stop and capture the moment.

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